Photoluminescent Safety Signs Meet All Required National and International Photoluminescent Codes:


I.               Conform to the Following Specifications:

a.     CSI Section 10 14 43

b.     CSI Section 26 53 00

II.             Conform to the Following Codes:

a.     NFPA 1

                                               i.     (Fire Code 2009 & 2006) 14.14.4 &

b.     NFPA 101

                                               i.     (National Fire Protection Association-Life Safety Code 2009, 2006) 7.10.4 &

c.      IBC

                                               i.     International Building Code

1.     Section 1011

2.     Section 1024

d.     IFC

                                               i.     International Fire Code

1.     Section 1030

e.     ICC

                                               i.     International Code Council

f.      OSHA 1910

                                               i.     (Occupational Safety & Health Administration) E-1910.35 & E-1910.37

g.     NYC

                                               i.     New York City Department of Building

III.           Conform to the Following Standards:

a.     ISO

                                               i.     ISO 7010 E001, E002, E003, E004

1.     Graphical Symbols (arrows and egress symbols) – Safety colors and safety signs – Registered safety signs

                                              ii.     ISO 17398:2004

1.     (Brightness ratings) Classification, performance and durability of safety code

                                            iii.     ANSI Z535.1

1.     American National Standard For Safety Colors

2.     All pathway markings that are of green color comply with ANSI Z535.1 Safety Green

b.     UL Standards

                                               i.     ETL listed to UL-924

1.     Standard for Safety of Emergency Lighting and Power Equipment

2.     (Observation Test) Exit Signs

                                              ii.     ETL listed to UL-1994

1.     Standard for Photoluminescent Path Markers and Signs

2.     (Observation Test) Markers and Signs

                                            iii.     ETL listed to UL-746C

1.     (Impact Test) For Floor Proximity Installation

c.      ASTM International

                                               i.     Pertinent Code Section(s):

1.     Reference Standards RS 6-1 and RS 6-1A

a.     Meets and exceeds New York City Building Code Reference

2.     MEA 462-05-M, Code Section 27-383 (b)

a.     Have been approved by the City of New York Department of Buildings

                                              ii.     Prescribed Test(s):

1.     ASTM E 2072 (Brightness Rating)

a.     Standard for Photoluminescent Brightness

2.     ASTM D635

a.     Standard Test Method for Rate of Burning and/or Extent and Time of Burning of Plastics in a Horizontal Position

b.     Is not flammable and does not issue toxic gases when exposed to heat, fire or flame

3.     ASTM D 4828-1994 (2003) (Washability)

a.     Washability meets or exceeds Standard Test Methods for Practical Washability of Organic Coatings

b.     Signage tested after 100 sponge cycles using a simple green all purpose cleaner over Paper Mat Flair felt tip pen (water based); Leneta Staining Medium Item No. ST- - 1 (mineral oil borne soilant); Crayola Crayon; and Wet ‘n’ Wild 514 Cherry Frost Lipstick. There was no change in gloss, color or luminescence and the signage demonstrated no erosion. Further, signage is solvent and alcohol resistant.

4.     ASTM D 3648-2004 (Radioactivity)

a.     Standard Practices for Measurement of Radioactivity

b.     The test demonstrated there were no integral alpha, beta and / or gamma radiation above background noise radiation levels and the test specimens were determined to be non-radioactive as tested to the referenced standard.

5.     BSS 7239 (Toxicity Bombardier)

a.     Toxicity Test Results:


Average PPM

Critical Concentration PPM

















6.     ASTM E 162-2002 (Flame Spread)


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