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X-Banner Stands are lightweight and set-up in minutes. An extruded aluminum frame with reinforced banner tensioners adjusts to fit a variety of different banner sizes. Grommets positioned in each corner of the banner allow for quick and easy set-up. Display full color graphics in retail environments or use to enhance sales presentations, special events, trade shows and product promotions.

To Order X-Banner Stands:


Download the banner artwork template for the size desired.
24" x 62"   |   30" x 70"   |   24" x 72"   |   18" x 73"


Create full scale banner artwork using Adobe® Illustrator, Photoshop or CorelDRAW®. Click Here for specific artwork requirements.


Go to the "UPLOAD ART FILE" page and upload completed banner artwork.


Call 800-950-5769 to place an order for the Banner Stand or purchase the Banner Stand online in "The Kroy Sign Store".